Presale Summer Goddess Box-Sold Out

Summer Goddess Box

Sold out-Will not be restocked

Theme: Yoni Love

The Goddess Box comes out just 4 times a year. Unbeatable deals on things you may not have considered before. When they are gone...they're gone!

The Summer Goddess Box will contain at least...

1 x Medium Yoni Egg*
1 x Honey Pot Feminine Wash- Sensitive

Release Date: June 15th


Reserve the Fall Goddess Box here

*Yoni Egg: Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, or Obsidian (your choice)
Would you like a drilled egg? Mention it in the order notes
More about the feminine wash: (
Honey Pot Sensitive is enriched with beautiful plant based ingredients. Our Sensitive wash is formulated for women who go day to day with a sensitive happy honey pot. These women have minor - extreme sensitivity. Honey Pot Sensitive will help maintain a healthy PH Balance, support the natural acidity and help to prevent infection from yeast or bacteria.
More about the YONI OIL®: (
Simply apply Yoni Oil® to your vagina after shower or bath. Yoni Oil®  can also be used as a stellar female lubricant & utilized for overall antimicrobial issues from head to toe (scalp & skin ringworm, dandruff, athlete foot, etc.)


$ 50.00

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