Red Jasper Yoni Egg

The Goddess box

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Red Jasper Yoni Egg - The Goddess Box
Red Jasper Yoni Egg - The Goddess Box
Red Jasper Yoni Egg - The Goddess Box

Size: our custom size that works best for beginners and experts alike

Can be compared to a medium from other retailers

Drilled eggs have holes for easier removal and advanced exercises

 Click here for more information about how to use a Yoni Egg


About Red Jasper:

A Red Jasper Stone is a powerful protection and stability gemstone. Red Jasper Stones inspire a positive attitude, increasing your motivation and energy level to help you take action in your life. It is one of the best root chakra stones.  

Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome domestic violence. It also sustains those in the process of healing and recovering from violent sexual experiences. Red Jasper is a perfect stone of courage and strength for a child being teased or bullied at school. It is a bright, tangible reminder and a great confidence builder. 

Red Jasper can re-activate a passion for living when one is feeling blue or unemotional, apathetic, or spiritually defunct, and is commonly used to spark sexual or creative energies. It assists in identifying one’s personal ideas and beliefs about sexual expression or orientation, and helps release shame or guilt around these issues. Red Jasper also helps maintain balance and emotional stability during difficult times, like periods of remission during a serious illness or in long treatments where the outcome is uncertain

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