Waist Beads

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Traditionally worn under clothes by African women, waistbeads can be worn for a multitude of reasons. Waistbeads are gifted as a right of passage, used to entice your lover, and worn to monitor weight fluctuations.

The art of adorning one's self has been practiced for centuries. In Egypt all the women wore them and it was a uniform for pre-pubescent girls without any sexual connotation.

At the Goddess Box, we are excited to provide waist beads as a form of feminine expression and also as a healing tool. Accentuating your waist (womb) allows you to actively focus on your divine feminine. You have the option of adding crystals such as amethyst or rose quartz.

Each set is lovingly made by hand with your input. All crystals used are charged under the monthly full moon. Please allow up to 2 weeks before they are shipped.